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April 5th, 2013, 06:32 AM
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1. Where did you go grow up? PA
2. Do you still live there? Yep.
3. Does your best friend still live there? Depends on which one. DH does. Female? No
4. What is one bad thing about your hometown? The police are jerks. I haven't got in trouble with the law or had run ins with the law but I've watched countless people be harassed for NO REASON by them. I'm talking even the elderly. I've also watched them take their sweet old time to get there when someone calls for important emergencies, ie: domestic disturbances, situations that need SWAT intervention, breaking and entering calls, shots fired calls. GRRR!
5. What is one good thing about your hometown? It's beautiful. I love all the water that surrounds me. I love the architecture. We actually have gargoyles on a few of our buildings. It's pretty cool. We also re-located one of our buildings physically(morgue, I think..), by horse and buggy! Who else does that?! I actually love the people too! A majority of them are really sweet and friendly.
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