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April 5th, 2013, 07:12 AM
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Sharron I'm sorry I forgot to include on my monday post what area I wold like guidance in...I thought about it for a while cuz I wasn't sure exactly what I felt I needed more guidance in and then it came to me, my female issues. I am at a crossroads at a time where in this next week I have to make a decision. If you would like to know more you can pm me.

Onto Wednesday! Sorry I know it's friday I thought I would have time on the computer and then I did have time only Annabelle (my computer ) was dead. Very annoying...but here are my 10 pictures I put a lot of thought into them. These pictures all mean a lot to me.

this sums me up. I am random, but it works on me.

My rock, my best friend. My grandmother Our relationship has become quite hard as her alzheimer's has gotten so bad

my darling daughter, our first kiss

Kennedi at 7m old lol

my family Michael, Kennedi, and I..we really need an updated picture since she was 14m in this picture and is now 3.5 years old!

my girl this past November

I am very passionate about breastfeeding, it is my career and one day I will be an IBCLC hopefully with my own Lactation Consultant day, but this is my favorite breastfeeding hey girl Ryan is my favorite as well! Yum!!

...I'll add a couple more pictures after work.
nikki mama to kennedi lucille
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