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April 5th, 2013, 07:17 AM
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Ember had a runny nose last night when we picked her up from daycare. She also sounds congested when she whines. Her congested whine is so cute, I'm such a horrible mom for loving her congested whine.

I suctioned out her nose 2x last night and once this morning. How often am I supposed to suction her nose? I only did it when it seemed pretty runny and I used saline first.

I have the cool mist humidifier and I loaded her up on breastmilk, so shold I be doing anything else to help her get rid of her cold quicker?

She is still sleeping great, went down at 930 last night woke up at 1045, fed her and she was back to sleep by 1115/1130 and she slept until 8 this morning.

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