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April 5th, 2013, 07:20 AM
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I have to say, Nikki, you and Michael look utterly perfect together.

And that first kiss photo is so, so beautiful.

I'll do your mini-read and just ask them about "female issues" and see what comes up and then you can PM me if it doesn't cover anything specifically that you wanted to know.

I know you're not up to the questions yet but I'm gonna put mine in ready:

Since marriage is in your future - traditional marriage or handfasting or both?
How do you imagine your dress will be?
What will the ceremony / celebrations include?
What will Kenni's bridesmaid dress be like?
On your Wiccan/Pagan path, who has been your biggest inspiration?
Is there anything you still live by from your Catholic/Christian upbringing?
What would you have named Kenni if she had been a boy?
Other than you career goal do you have any other big goals you want to achieve?

I may come back with more if any more jump to mind.

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