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April 5th, 2013, 07:55 AM
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-Have you always lived in NS? Yes, born and raised
-Are you close with many of your cousins? Quite a few yes, more on my moms side of the family though only because they live closer
-Where would you go on a dream vacation? The middle east, or some beautiful tropical island

What's your favourite part of living in NS? Least favourite? Its beautiful! The pollution in my area is the thing I hate most. Its being cleaned but steel slag is nasty business
What other pets did you have growing up? I had a few cats and dogs, but not for a long period of time my parents were not animal people
Are you planning to have more children? I would like at least one more Five or so years down the road though
What's your shoe size? 7
Did you play any sports growing up? Not really, I did however play floor hockey with the boys at lunch until they got too big. I think I was the only girl that did play.

What got you into raising fish? I have always loved fish, when I was younger I used to breed Bettas but after the twins were born I had to give that up. The boyfriend and I wanted to start an aquarium so he asked me what was the most amazing saltwater fish I knew and thats how we got marty the lionfish
How many pets did you have growing up? About 5 or 6 but I never had any of them for a long time sadly, not until I moved away from home
Do your children have pets that they are responsible for? Not yet, when we get a house I would love a German Sheppard and maybe a Ragdoll or himmilayan (sp) cat
Name 3 other authors you enjoy reading! David Gibbens, Steve Berry, and James Rollins

What are your favorite video games?I love war video games; Battlefield, Medal of honor, and of course the Call of duty series. I also enjoy Civilization and the Sims
What do you use to stargaze? Eyeballs, binoculars, telescope? Eye balls and a telescope

Why is La vita bella your favourite movie? I have love that movie for years. I think the reason would be the love he had for his son, even in the worst situation imaginable and how he tried to shield him from the awful truth.
What name did you have picked out if you had a boy? Lenin, I was convinced Sahara was a boy and im still a little sad I didnt get to use my boy name aha. Would trade my baby girl for the world though.
Have you ever broken a bone? Not a major one but I have broken toes and I mangled my pinky and never went to the hospital so it healed funny

What was hitchhiking like? Were you on your own? Where did you sleep? It actually wasnt too bad, when I was younger I used to always hitchhike (crazy I know) It took long but we had some pretty kewl people drive us, lol one couple gave us cigarettes and even took us to mcdonalds. When I went halfway across the country I had my boyfriend with me but I used to hitchhike on my own alot, when I did that I would bring a hunting knife with me just in case someone tried anything funny. We slept where ever we could, outside, in a apt hallway and a hotel basement. Not exactly comfortable

Have you read any other John Grisham books? I have read almost all of them only the newest one I havent read yet, oh and the kid lawyer ones

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