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April 5th, 2013, 08:11 AM
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Mini-read (faery oracle):

WINTER - "The answers to your prayers and affirmations are fully realized in the winter months."
VEGETARIAN - "A new way of eating gives you more energy, greater health, greater clarity, and stronger manifestation abilities."

Obviously you're feeling your "issues" need resolving urgently, though with the winter card coming up, I feel that delaying if you can and waiting for new options or natural improvements until later in the year would be a better course of action in the long-run. The other card doesn't necessarily mean vegetarianism is right for you but it does suggest that dietary changes would resolve some of your problems and bring you energy and with it, more clarity. I also feel from these cards that buying time to contemplate any important decisions would be good. Now of course, I don't know the issue, and if it is a medical one, please, please listen in the first instance to health professional opinions because a reading can never replace that. PM me if this is not specific enough but I would need more info. Hope you're ok honey.

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