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April 5th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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consisted of:
-putting the final touches on Nicola's Birthday cake for daycare.
-getting all 3 girls ready for the day.
-packing lunches (forgot to last night with the whole bake the birthday cake thing)
-making myself look half way presentable
-signing permission forms for next weeks field trip
-loading the kids in the car
-spending one hour in Gabriella's class room because she has been the star of the week, and was able to bring a parent, and her 10 favorite things (which included her youngest sister)
-read 2 books (short ones) to her class
-stop back by the house to pick up Nicola's cake
-drop Nicola (and her cake) off for her preK/daycare
-come home and FINALLY make coffee, just in time for the cable repair man to get here
-of course everything is working fine when he gets here. and he leaves doing nothing but a diagnostic.
-And here I am, about to get ready for work.....

just FYI, I will most likely not be around tomorrow... Nicola will be 4 tomorrow
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