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April 5th, 2013, 08:32 AM
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DO you see traits or things you or DH do in Sophia? Not really. Although DH sometimes sleeps with his arm up over his head, which she has started doing so I guess that might be from him.

Does Sophia like your choice in music? Does she show any preference in music? I haven't noticed any preference yet, but hopefully she will!

Does she do better with DH now or it still the same? Eh a little bit, but only for short periods of time and then she wants me back.

When do you plan on having Sophia sleep in her crib? I'm not sure. Probably should start the transition soon. I'm just not sure I'm ready for it! haha

Does Sophia have a certain type of Binki she likes or it any? She only likes the NUK ones.

Does she have a blankey or stuff animal she likes more than any others? Not yet.

Does she have a routine or schedule she follows? If so what is it? Not really. We kind of just go day by day. The only thing is she's usually up by 8 and we do a bath or wipe down, change clothes, and come downstairs. Then it just depends on if it's a stay home day or an errands day.

What is her bed time? She stays downstairs with us until we go to bed, so she naps through the evening, but we start the bedtime routine (diaper change, lotion, jammies, swaddle, nurse) at 10:00.

What does she currently find the most amusing? My little brothers doing silly dance moves for her!

What can you already identify in her personality, if anything? She's usually really happy and smiley, so I hope that continues!

Does she have any 'favorite' books? Not yet, although my favorite to read to her is "guess how much I love you".

How does she do with Max? Great! She has just started to notice him and will watch him if he comes close. He really wants to lick her, so I have to keep a close eye on them when she's down on the floor. I have a feeling they'll be best buddies!

What toy/activity item (play gym, exersaucer, etc) does she seem to like best? She does the best with her floor play gym, but I think she's really going to like the exersaucer soon!

Sophia has the best hair accessories - where do you buy them? Etsy! I have a slight Etsy addiction. Although I did make her Easter headband and plan on making a few more.

How soon do you want to have #2? I'd like them to be at least 2 years apart. I think the plan is to start trying sometime in the summer of next year.
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