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Have you tried letting him self feed? If I was only trying to feed Oz with a spoon I'd have to tell you he had no interest in eating either. As soon as a spoon comes near his mouth he seals his lips shut and turns his head away and its been like that since the first time I ever tried to feed him. No regular persistence on my part has done anything to get him to take to the spoon.

However if I let him hold the spoon he will open his mouth but this is incredibly messy. He has now perfected the pincer grip so I just give him anything soft in small bite size pieces. I have been giving him finger foods before he got the pincer grip down too - slices of avocado, banana, kiwi, broccoli sticks, etc - very soft foods.

I would say if he doesn't want to pick it up then he's just not ready. If you are really concerned about iron I think you can get baby supplements but I would say ask your doctor.

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