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April 5th, 2013, 12:02 PM
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I suppose I was lucky with my English degree because it was mostly literature we had to buy, there were odd textbooks that were 20-35 and I suppose that's the most I've ever paid for any book ever.

My text books for my crystal healing course were also 25 apiece. Those ones were worth it. I still have them and they're so full of knowledge.

Most I've ever paid for a fiction book was also 25, for an out of print Pingu hardcover storybook - Daniel had this particular book for 5 from a bargain shop for his first Christmas, and it got so loved and used that the moving pictures fell apart. I searched high and low on the net to get a new one for his Easter a couple of years ago. It was REALLY hard to get hold of. Oh to have had the foresight to buy another 5 one when there was a great big pile in the shop, but you just can't predict which books and toys your kids are gonna love!

I did tell Daniel how hard it had been to get him that book and bless, it's one of his prized possessions.

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