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April 5th, 2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Jinnah View Post
What about a sundae? That's what I want next.

I'm currently stuffing my face with a huge burrito.
I'm on a dairy free diet!!! I have not had ice cream since????????

Originally Posted by yashobo View Post
Bless your heart with all the house sale/search stuff. It is even harder with a baby and homeschooling. Have you told the kids they'll be going to public school if they don't behave? Maybe that will scare them enough to behave

Melissa: you definitely are a very brave woman I am sure it will work out, particularly if your babies are loving their car seat. Maybe we need to change Luyando into her convertible because she still does not love her infant seat. My dd1, on the other hand, loved to trip when she was a baby. I traveled all over the place in car/plane with her; she went with me on all my work trip since my mom also came along to take care of her. The dvd player will definitely help with your older one and may also keep the younguns entertained too.
We switched Jonah over to his convertable and he now enjoys being in the car. He loves looking out of the window

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