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April 5th, 2013, 05:18 PM
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Since marriage is in your future - traditional marriage or handfasting or both?
it will just be a traditional non religious marriage ceremony. our religions are too different

How do you imagine your dress will be? It won't be a gown. It wont be a normal wedding dress. I would imagine something short, knee length? off white...not sure what else..

What will the ceremony / celebrations include?
not much I don't want a big wedding, honestly 10 people being there will be too big for me. Small, teeny tiny would be better describing words for our wedding

What will Kenni's bridesmaid dress be like?
It'll depend on her age.. she will probably be around 6 years old when we not sure...

On your Wiccan/Pagan path, who has been your biggest inspiration?
It is going to sound odd, but I ask for inspiration. I ask specifically what I need the inspiration for, and it comes. It might take some time but I always feel the loving guidance when the time is right.

Is there anything you still live by from your Catholic/Christian upbringing?
Not really, just that everything happens for a reason.

What would you have named Kenni if she had been a boy?
She probably would have been Samuel Anthony. My sisters name is Samantha and I just adore the name Samuel. Anthony after my Uncle who passed away.

Other than you career goal do you have any other big goals you want to achieve?
financially stable would be the biggest.

Bubble bath or shower?!
Bubble bath

Whats your favorite movie?
Twilight saga, BDP2 all time favorite

What time do you have the most time to focus on your rituals/spiritualness. like is it easier meditating early morning, afternoon, or late at night while everyone is sleeping?
late night while everyone is sleeping. I find it the most peaceful for myself.

If you could go anywhere and visit anything, where and what would it be?
Japan. I would love to walk the country side
nikki mama to kennedi lucille
(( 09*01*09 ))
and ryker thomas - born proudly at home
(( 01*21*14 ))

Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.

in this time and in the place, I try to live with love and grace
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