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April 5th, 2013, 07:02 PM
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Hi Ladies! My name is Liza and I'm originally from the March 08 PR. In fact, your host Lesha was my due date buddy from our original PR.

Timothy (Timmy/Tim/The Boy/T) is my 08er. He just turned 5 on March 13 and is a very outgoing, energetic, affectionate boy. He wants to be a fire fighter and is obsessed with Angry Birds and Cars.

Natalie (Natty/Nat/Noodles/N) is my only girl - she will be 4 on September 1. She is very sensitive (VERY) yet VERY VERY VERY Sassy right now. She isn't three. She is THREEEEEEEEE.

Samuel (Sammy/Sam/Bam/S) is my baby, he will be two on July 13. He is very sweet, very chill, and a monkey who climbs on EVERYTHING.

We are done having children, at least for now. I had a PE (Pulmonary Embolism) back in December and while many women have gone on to have children after a PE, I don't really enjoy the idea of having daily injections while pregnant. I am very content with the three crazy kids I have. I am currently doing well on Coumadin and even though I still struggle with different health issues (I am short of breath a lot, cough constantly, and catch every little cold) I am really doing well overall. I am able to work out and go to the gym now and do so several times a week as my kids and time allow.

I used to be The Liza, Kittenhead, and probably other names. I used to frequent the board A LOT but have been so busy with kids and life the last couple years but I really want to get back into ti. I miss the forum style!

holy cow how old is my siggy.

Thank you so much *Kiliki* for another amazing siggy!
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