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April 5th, 2013, 09:52 PM
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well i went to the doctor on wednesday.. and i initailly went for an annual exam.. which she did and a birth control shot... and she asked me all sorts of question of course cus shes not my regular doctor.. and did the cervical exam...
and when she was done she asked me AGAIN.. when m last menstrual period was and i told her " feb 24".. and she said that my cervix was high and closed and that she wasnt going to give me the shot.. and i told her she could give me a pregnancy test .. and she said its prob too early.. ..and she went ahead and did a blood test and it came back as a "9" which to her.. if she even SUSPECTS a pregnancy she cant give me a shot.. which is fine.. sooooo.. she gave me a script for the pills and told me that it is very possible that the baby just implanted and to keep testing and that when i do start bleeding to take the pill the following sunday.. soooo back to testing.. im technically on CD 42 OF A CYCLE I HAVE NO CLUE WHEN IT WILL BE .. IM TOTALLY IRREGULAR.. i will be getting more tests tomorow..
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