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April 5th, 2013, 10:16 PM
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Hi All,
I guess I've experienced all journeys of pregnancy, from being a scared teen mom, to the frustrations of TTC for four yrs with finally a wonderful surprise. My children range in age from 19yrs, 16 yrs and a 1 yr old. I'm hoping I'm expecting again so that my youngest has a sibling close to her age.
So before I go out and spend money on a HPT, I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences.

I'm 5 days late, which is odd due to my cycles being very regular. I have period-like cramps all day since i was supposed to get AF (I remember having bad cramps early on, even going in for U/S to rule out ectopic with my last pregnancy). I had some pinkish spotting a couple days prior to AF due date then on day I was supposed to get it, it was brown spotting with a small, brown "clot?/tissue" the spotting was a slight amount and just lasted a few hrs. No more spotting since then. I feel super tired, but I work 12 hr day and night shifts. I've had some slight dizzy spells and hot flashes with a low grade temp of 37.2-37.9 and I'm 37 yrs old so i'm not sure if it's perimenopausal?? OK, TMI alert, but my CM is clear, at times slightly yellow, best described as if you "blow your nose" consistency.
So, what do you think? Anyone else had these symptoms and pregnant?
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