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April 5th, 2013, 11:10 PM
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As for pics, if you can, post a baby pic of you with a pic of LO. If you have one of daddy, do that too! Also, post a pic of baby now and when she was first born. I can't wait to see the changes!
This is me & my dad when I was a couple months old (sorry kinda blurry hard to take a pic of a pic)

At birth


Pic Requests:
A family picture
I want to see your boat!
If you have summer outfits for Samantha, lets see the one you're most excited for her to wear.
Any other fave Samantha pics you haven't shared yet!

Our Boat- Thats DH driving

This is the only family pic we have so far, Newborn pics in Dec

Cant wait for her to fit in this dress. My mom got it for her before we knew she was even a girl

This was yesterday, konked out in her jumper

She loves outside but have to protect face & eyes

She wants to go so back. She can shove herself forward some

Thank you for the amazing siggy *Kiliki*

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