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April 5th, 2013, 11:32 PM
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New here but read a lot of posts and it seems everyone is pretty nice. This might be a wine post kinda. TTC info.... I stopped BC in October 2011 in hopes of conceiving a child. My fiance is 32 and I am 29. He has 4 kiddos that live with us from a previous marriage and future child(ren) were talked about from the very start. Well I guess I'm infertile...yuck. It is most likely my issue due to symptoms and his previous kiddos. My cycles are never the same and that makes it hard to catch the egg not to mention the embarrassing fact that I don't know how people BD every other day. My vagina would be raw and probably bleeding if I tried that.....lube helps but its still pretty sensitive. I try charting my cycles but I am not very good at it...I am currently on day 63. I think I've geared up to ovulate 2 times in this cycle but have not accomplished the task. I haven't had any reproductive tests done but comprehensive blood panels done for other reasons were all with in normal range. UGH so really I am just annoyed that doctors won't do anything because I am considered low income uninsured patient they just brush it off like I don't matter. Now I am sure people are thinking if you don't have money or insurance its stupid to try but my hubs has insurance and a job. Him and the 4 kiddos are insured and baby would be too. After everyone is fed and housed etc. that leaves not a whole lot of money to do ttc testing. Plus the kids' mom only pays us $75/mo which the state takes half of for facilitating or whatever and we end up with like $35/mo so the financials are really all on us. Ok so I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself today and I don't usually get like this but its beginning to feel like this will never happen.

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