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April 6th, 2013, 03:18 AM
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That musical box is so awesome!!

Lol Nikki, of course, we didn't tell you how addicting they are because we wanted you to come to the dark side!
Yes, crystals are addicting, but in a good way. They are a beautiful addition to anyone's life and journey, bringing so much healing. You'll find that everyone who's into crystals wants to spread the word.

Oh, and re you and Michael looking alike, it's not unusual for twin flames to have a look of one another.

If you want to tell me a little more in PMs about the female issues I'll draw another card around the specifics. Perhaps winter is significant in some other way. As soon as the winter card came out, I resonated with it for you. It's actually amazing because the winter card of the faery deck has a white unicorn on it, and your music box reminds me of it...

Some more questions if you do not mind!

Share your favourite baking recipe with us! (Brownies would be good!)
How did you discover you were able to do readings?
Would you describe yourself as a channel reader (messages from higher beings), a psychic (from your own higher self) or a medium (from spirit)?
Would you describe yourself as clairvoyant (seeing other dimensions), clairaudient (hearing them), clairsentient (feeling/sensing them) or claircognizant ("just knowing" wisdom from them)?
What's your favourite piece of jewelry and do you wear it every day?


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