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April 6th, 2013, 03:42 AM
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Beautiful photos ladies.

Your post really makes me think, Hillarie. We don't have one single photo with me, Shaun, Daniel AND Michaela on it, we have a million photos of two or three of us together, but not one with all four of us. And I really need to get one taken, because you just never know when it will be too late, right?

Mel, I love that last photo of you and Chris. You look absolutely adorable together.

One of my favourite photos of me and Daniel from the time when it was me and him versus the world. This one was taken by my mum at Lever Castle in Rivington which is near where Daniel's dad lives now.

This was the first ever picture of me, Shaun and Daniel. This was taken at Elgin Cathedral by a random stranger. We were on holiday staying with Sarah (who used to post here, madmum_sarah) in Scotland and on a day out just us three.

Probably my favourite one of just me and Shaun, taken in July 2011 in Wales at my cousin's wedding.

One of a set of four pictures of Daniel and Michaela when she was very small, I love this because it just shows how much he loves her.

Probably my favourite picture of me, Shaun and Michaela, taken on Christmas Day 2012 by my mum. Daniel wouldn't be in it. He wasn't in the mood for photos, had had one taken just him and Michaela already and didn't want another one!


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