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April 6th, 2013, 04:11 AM
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36 weeks

Clinic was REALLY backed up today, so it took forever. Urine was negative for everything; BP was a little higher today, but still not high. Up 0.8lbs from last week. Fundal height was 34, so still slightly behind, but not terribly so. Fetal HR was in the 130's. GBS results were negative, so that's good.

And I did get to talk with my OB about the scan I had last week due to growth concerns. She said she consulted with MFM because the belly was measuring small. Everything else was looking great--placenta, umbilical dopplers, fluid levels, overall fetal growth, etc. She wanted to know MFM's recommendation for whether or not we needed to do NSTs or further monitoring from here on out due to the belly issue. They said that, all things considered, they would not recommend further testing unless overall fetal growth fell below the 10th percentile, which it isn't. They recommended another growth scan in three weeks if I'm still pregnant, and if she was measuring smaller than the 10th percentile at that point, or there were any other significant concerns (i.e. fluid levels, placenta not looking good, etc), they'd recommend considering an induction, but really, they feel like everything will be just fine. She said the plan is for me to do strict kick counts, and to go in for monitoring if she starts moving less, or doesn't move 4-6 times an hour. And I made appointments for weekly visits for the next three weeks!

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