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April 6th, 2013, 04:16 AM
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37 weeks

Had another appointment today...BP still good, urine clear, and weight gain still steady at 1lb per week. So at last week's appointment, my OB said she had talked to one of the MFM docs about my u/s report from a couple of weeks ago, and that doctor said he wouldn't do any further monitoring. BUT...she had also left a message with one of the other high risk guys, who called back after I'd already left, and he said he would do monitoring, just in case. So this week she put me on the monitor just to be sure everything looked ok. Everything was just perfect! Baby was moving well, and heart rate was responding appropriately. She didn't even leave me on for the full 20 minutes, because baby looked so great. So we'll do NSTs at my weekly appointments from here on out, just to be safe, but it seems like (as we suspected) everything is fine, and she's just small. FH this time was 36, so not too bad. HR was in the 140's to 160's. She also did a cervical check...50% effaced & fingertip. So, all in all, a good appointment!

Still feeling pretty good. Having random contractions and lots of pressure. Still able to exercise, though. We're pretty prepared, but still have a few last minute preparations to make. DH is getting excited and anxious!

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