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April 6th, 2013, 07:01 AM
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Thank you to all the participants!

Sorry for the delay...I had to mark the Easter quizzes which is obviously a little time-consuming and today was the first day I could get to that job!

Hopefully playing the Easter quiz has given you all some ideas as to topics you can post and games you can play to keep your board moving and interesting - especially those of you who are applying to be hosts.

Here are the results!

In seventh place...

Mindy (mindyjean) - 18
Megan (megpie) - 15
Points: 38
Thanks for playing ladies!

In sixth place...
Lindsey (Lindz253) - 16
Emily (CarolinaMama) - 8
Valeri (GladToBeAMomma) - 20
Points: 49
Thanks for playing ladies!

In fifth place...
Kalie (Txmom4) - 72
Shana (shana1979) - 5
Camille (LuckyCharm) - 9
Points: 91
Thanks for playing ladies, and a particular well done to Kalie who worked really hard on this, and made a valiant effort in the eggs challenge!

In fourth place...
Brittany (sis_sweetpea) - 62
Andrea (avaught) - 9
Aubrey (The Aubrey) - 23
Points: 99
Well done ladies, and what a great score from Brittany!

In third place...

Molly (Quantum_Leap) - 38
Mana (Mana) - 36
Tanya (HappyBabyBump) - 40
Points: 119
Well done ladies, solid scores from all of you there!

In second place...

Suzanne (suziequep) - 74
Seanna (Schofield06) - 31
Heels (hotpinkheels) - 23
Points: 133
Well done ladies, a particularly valiant effort from Suzanne - especially after Seanna sadly had to leave this DDC.

And in first place, of course, it is...

Katie (SpankyMagoo) - 117
Ashley (elizabethchallis) - 49
Lisa (lil_fishy) - 46
Points: 217
With an absolutely unbeatable effort from Katie but wonderful scores and participation from the other ladies as well! WELL DONE!

So for Katie (SpankyMagoo), Ashley (elizabethchallis) and Lisa (lil_fishy)...

I was unable to have a nice Blinkies R Us blinkie made for you ladies, I'm sorry - I put the request in weeks ago and I guess they're just short of blinkie makers at present because even older requests have still not been fulfilled. It's never happened before, I'm sorry.

I made a few myself but the ones from free blinkie generators don't fit on much text, I haven't a clue how to make the larger/better ones. So use them if you like but don't worry if you don't want to!

Please PM me your email addresses, and I'll get your well-deserved Amazon vouchers to you!

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