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April 6th, 2013, 09:51 AM
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I have heard of overly structured Mommy & Me type classes but that is NOT developmentally appropriate!!! I have taken M to a lot of different Mommy & Me classes/events and she usually loves the novelty and excitement and it's never been overly quiet or anything. The music and movement classes are the best. An "activity" is like, "here's some scarves, let's listen to this song and dance with the scarves!" And the LOs either jerk the scarves around and run and spin, or stare at everyone else dancing, or mommies pick them up and dance with them. Heck when do I ever get a chance to rock out with some magical shimmery scarves?? I enjoy it too If there is something more sedate like sitting for a song or hand dance, and a LO is not into sitting and wants to run around or explore the space, that is always completely allowed. The idea of these classes in my mind, is that they watch you (mom) doing the activity, and after some repetition they ultimately try it for themselves, sometimes not until later at home, but many of the activities are really fun and get incorporated into their self directed play over time too. And they get some action and stimulation to wear them out for a nap, and mommy gets a social outing of sorts. M is really outgoing and loves to see other LOs and new things, and I have loved taking her to these types of things.

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