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April 6th, 2013, 10:04 AM
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I am totally going over the 5 limit here, sorry I just couldn't stop myself!

Kailey as a baby, kinda..

One of my favorite photos, just because:

This picture was just a few days after Nola was born, could have even been the next day for all I know. This is special to me because this is still, exactly how the girls and I take naps together. Nola wraps up in my arms and Kailey lays behind my legs and rests her head on my hip. We took a nap the other day for 2hrs just like this ♥

I was pregnant with Nola here, can't tell but if I you were looking at me from the side I have a huge belly. LOL

One (of a million) of my fav pics of baby Nola:

Ok I have to stop doing the baby pics b/c it's making me cry. So, here is a recentish one, last summer when we were visiting Steph (Dolphin Dreamer)

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