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April 6th, 2013, 10:23 AM
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I am friends with a lot of Americans, and living where we do I see a lot of differences between what you do when you need medical care on either side of the border.

We are in a very unique situation because if we need to go to the Dr. or to the Hospital, we have the option of going to the US and having it still be covered by MB Health. I went in for a persistant rash on my finger once and received a receipt showing that the $200 appointment fee had been covered for me. It was less than a 5 minute total appointment! I couldn't believe it! The dr. walked in, wrote a script and walked out. THATS IT!

It got me thinking about the cost of health care here... we don't really see it in terms of $$$ per appointment, or per test, but do you think if we did you would be more selective or would you still want the same care?

It makes me wonder for example if my child falls and hits their head (hard) would I take them to the hospital to 'just be safe' or wait it out at home. What if I knew there would be a $5000+ bill at the end of the day, is that worth risking a more serious head injury?

There are obviously a lot of people who abuse the system here, but I for one would accept that over having to decide as a non Dr. if my child was sick enough to take in!

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