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April 6th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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Past Life

Dude, you are like straight out of Game of Thrones or something. LOL!!! This is in the old day medieval times (I seem to pull from that life time quite often). I see a LOT of chainmail. I originally wanted to say that you were a Knight, but no, it ended up royalty (possibly King but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here). Something was taken from you, land, family, money… something, you lead people into battle. It’s possible it could be a “stolen crown” type of thing. Someone stole your title.

You had great character. You were very very smart, great with war and battle strategies. You often rushed into stuff without thinking about it first, it irritated people but that’s just who you were. No one was ever surprised if you made a last minute decision. Oh, did I mention you were male? I bet you kinda picked up on that by now… anyway…
Notice the three first three cards are Sword cards.

1 - Past life purpose.
Two of Swords
Balanced force, harmony, firmness, concord. Offsetting factors. Stalemate. Affection. Reverse: Duplicity, misrepresentation, dishonor, treachery, false friends, lies.

All of this points to the “something taken from you” – a family member took something, cousin I think. I am getting a strong feeling of someone taking your title. Like, for example (shoot this could actually BE it for all I know).. .you were gone in battle and your family was back at your home/castle, and you come back from battle (because back then you’d be gone for years a lot of times) and the cousin is there, has taken over your family and has assumed your position/ruined you type of thing.

2 - Challenge and obstacles in past life.
Four of Swords
Respite, rest after illness, repose, replenishment, solitude, exile, retreat abandonment. R: Activity, circumspection, precaution, economy, guarded advancement. Desire to recover what was lost.

Challenge – again, solitude/exile/retreat/abandonment all point to you losing something. The respite/rest after illness symbolizes you going home. So, the more I think about it, the more of the previous scenario is ringing true for me.

3 - Talent or gift in past life.
Knight of Swords
Bravery, skill, capacity. The strength and dash of a young man. Heroic action. Opposition and war. Impetuous rush into the unknown without fear. A master in the art of action and warfare. R: Incapacity, impudence, dispute or ruin over a woman. Impulsive mistakes. Conceited fool. Simplicity.

This all points to the knight/soldier thingy. Rush into the unknown points towards your last minute decision making/bravery that irritated people.

4 - Past life outcome.
XIV Temperance
Moderation, patience, accomplishment through self-control and frugality. Accommodation, harmony. The mixing or bringing together into perfect union. Management, fusion, adjustment. Good influence, consolidation, successful combination. R: Discord, conflict of interest. Hostility, inability to work with others. Difficulty in understanding others, impatience, sterility.

This card is weird, it’s like the “vision” I see of your life skipped from middle-age to old man. I don’t know how the situation was resolved (with the having something taken away from you) but I see it resolved, you being an old man, but still very capable of getting around. Still giving battle advice. I think you have a son that you are giving advice to. There’s a wife (to your son) and you have grandchildren. You’re still a grumpy old fart but you’re happy about it and love your family and grandchildren. You’re stern but loveable. LOL, the hostility/inability to work with others/impatience etc… all that points to you being a grumpy old fart. LOL!!! And with the old man “vision” I definitely see some kind of castle/rock structure.

In the End

5 - Circumstances surrounding the end of your past life.
Page of Pentacles
Deep concentration and application. Scholarship. Reflection. Desire for new ideas. A do-gooder. Bearer of news.

Nothing additional here, it’s just pointing (scholarship) to you advising the son and other people in the art of war. Nothing specifically on how you died, most likely just old age, nothing serious, except the fact you, well you know, died. LOL!

6- The deal struck between you and your Higher Self/ Divine.
IX The Hermit
Knowledge, solicitude, prudence, counsel, discretion, caution, vigilance, circumspection, self-denial, withdrawal, regression, annulment. Tendency to withhold emotion. Fear of discovery. R: Imprudence, hastiness, rashness, prematurity, incorrect advice, failure caused by dullness, over-prudence resulting in unnecessary delay.

The Hermit card represents reflection. Hermits usually live alone, off in the woods, are very wise etc.. The biggest thing I got from this card is “tendency to withhold emotion” is something you did in the past life, so that’s something that’ll likely crop up in current life. “Failure caused by dullness” is standing out for the current life, meaning, do not be afraid to take chances, that’s also what the over-prudence is saying.

7 - Intention for current life.
Six of Cups
Memories, past influences, things that have vanished. Childhood passed. Nostalgia, faded images. R: The future, opportunities ahead, coming events, new vistas, plans that may fail. That which will shortly arrive.

This card is also making a point about “being who you are” and not being afraid to take chances. People like to live in the status quo because that’s all they’ve ever known (memories/past influences/childhood/nostalgia), but in order to grow (opportunities ahead etc…) we must step out of the comfort zone and take chances. In the past life you took chances when it came to war and battle, in this life it’s taking chances with emotions (not necessarily intimate/love but people in general. Be you. Visually speaking, there are six cups on a rock wall (reminds me of the castle) and each cup has many different flowers blooming out of them. Basically, let yourself bloom too, there are many aspects of you in this life, express them all.

Present Life

8 - Present life purpose.
Page of Cups
A studious and intent person. Reflective, meditative, loyal. Willingness to offer services and efforts toward a specific goal. Helpful person, a trustworthy worker. R: Inclination, deviation, susceptibility, temporary distraction, seduction. A flatterer.

This card is explaining about all those aspects of yourself (let yourself bloom) that you don’t express. You often think about who you really are on the inside and the fact you don’t express yourself or these particular aspects of you. (Sending you a PM to go further). You are easily influenced by those around you (who isn’t?) – stand strong to your own thoughts/beliefs/feelings and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

9 - Challenge or obstacles in present life.
Page of Swords
Vigilance, spying, agility, a discreet person. An active youth, a lithe figure. This card symbolizes a person adept at perceiving, discerning and uncovering the unknown or that which is less than obvious. Insight. R: An imposter revealed. Illness is also possible. Powerlessness in the face of stronger forces. Lack of preparation.

This card is also saying the same thing, I guess this is your life theme since you were so open and out there in the past life, you are a very “inside” person in this life and must learn to express this aspect of your higher self. Also points to intuitive abilities.

10 - Talent or gift in present life.
Six of Swords
A trip or journey. Headstrong attempts to overcome difficulties. Expedient manner. Success after anxiety.

Basically, you don’t stop if there is something you want. You find a way to get it 

11 - Who you are currently in this life.
Nine of Swords
Concern, miscarriage, anxiety over a loved one. Despair. R: Suspicion, slanderous gossip, shame, scruple, timidity, shady character, reasonable fear.

Definitely love life troubles. Even when you find the one there will always be issues. (Whose relationship doesn’t have issues though). This is something that you will have to work very very hard on to keep successful. The PM will touch on this as well.

So… thar you go. LOL!

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