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April 6th, 2013, 12:21 PM
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Thanks for the reply I don't blame myself at all. It happens to anyone. I am just pretty certain its my fertility...that doesn't bug me or anything I was just saying that for clarification. I also realize I could be wrong but my gut has said this would be a problem long before I started trying. I guess I just feel like I've always known it would be hard for me. As far as lube I don't use it all the time and have been meaning to order preseed I just haven't yet I don't know why.

The only blood testing I had done was a metabolic blood panel she wanted to look at my thyroid and liver I think. It wasn't any reproductive hormones that I know of and I didn't see the results to see what was all tested. Yes, I could be covered when we get married and his insurance can cover fertility testing and procedures if we select that option and pay some more money which we will when it gets to that point but that could be a long while.

I do use OPK's I do get pretty good positives when I get it and I've always had a line on the test and they differ in shades so I'm pretty sure the positives are positive. The positive is usually followed by a one day spike in temperature by about a degree F but it never stays elevated. I do have EWCM sporadically. The pattern on my chart is a pretty steady baseline around 97.2F then I'll get +OPK and in 24-48 hour my temp goes to like 98.2+ and then the next day its back at baseline. It has done this 2 times in this cycle.

Anyways yes it was just a bad day yesterday for some reason. I'm fine today after a little pity party probably because my sister posted about finding out the gender of her second child. Happy and sad for her because its really going to be VERY hard for her to take care of them 2 kids.

Thanks for the ear its much appreciated.
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