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April 6th, 2013, 06:51 PM
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I am like 9/10 DPO and I am almost 100% sure I am NOT PREG but, I am so PAINFULLY TIRED and starving that it is killing me. For the past 2/3 days I have been exhausted. Today I missed my step-son's game and took a 3 hour nap only to wake up still tired, take the girls outside, and ended up laying in the sun barely moving. Tonight, I'm still tired. I just had routine blood work done and all was well. (literally 7 days ago)

I took a FRER today and it was sooo negative. I have virtually no cm...THAT IS WEIRD bc I always have cm, even when I'm going to get AF. Why?

My cervix feels high, hard, and closed.

Other than constantly eating and literally feeling like I still have an empty symptoms at all.

Looking pretty grim. DH and I LITERALLY decided THE DAY OF OR BEFORE I "O" so we only got one BD in. I'm due Wed.

I know PMS can cause fatigue but strangely I never get fatigue PMS. I get it after I've bled for 5 days, which makes sense.
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