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April 6th, 2013, 07:19 PM
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So we've definitely decided on our girl name. Helen Anne to honor our grandmas. His is still alive and this would be her first great granddaughter.

A little background info: I was as close to my Dad as I could be, considering my mother is abusive and kept us apart. I went to live with him when I was 16 but there were issues, so I moved back in with my mother. After I left my mother's house at 18, my Dad and I re-connected. He apologized for his screw ups, something my mother never did. He was my only family to visit in the hospital when DD was born at 29 weeks. I still remember the way he looked that day. I moved to NJ the summer when I was 18. I kept in contact with my Dad and he came to visit me because I almost got married to a jerk but Daddy always supported me emotionally and mentally. He's awesome. When I moved back to PA, Dad & I got closer and he even took me to my c-section with DD#2. Even took my abusive mother with us, which was no easy task for him to tolorate. He was very involved in my life from then on. I'd go have dinner at his house. He got to know two of his grandchildren. He gave DH permission to marry me at a dinner at his house. Life was good. Unfortunately, he was very sick and passed of scerosis of the liver. It'll be 3 years in August. My heart still breaks and misses him to this day. I have no parents left.

Tonight, DH called and out of the blue said, "Kennith John." No leading up to it. Nothing. I was floored! We'd discussed the name John before I was pregnant, but he was always against it because it is his Uncle's name and no one likes that snake. I let it go and we agreed it wasn't for us. We knew if we are having a boy, his first name would be Kennith after DH's amazing Uncle Kenny who was always there for him. He actually said he wanted the middle name, John, for my father. I'm crying tears of joy. I'm overwhelmed. I can't believe he actually came up with this on his own. I had to share this with you ladies. It's monumental to me. I just really hope he doesn't change his mind because I've already fallen in love with that name.
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