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April 6th, 2013, 08:14 PM
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Yes I also agree calling it 'Free' isn't accurate. That's my bad. But I feel strongly that I'm not willing to give up the system that we have in favor of the Americanized health care. Could it be better? By a long shot, yes! Do I think the American system (money aside) is "better"? In many ways, no.

Statistically it isn't all that great either. Mother and infant mortality are higher than ours (6.00 vs 4.85/1000 live births) etc. and their obesity related health problems are slightly higher as well.
A family friend was diagnosed with cancer at a similar time as my mom was. They both got quick, decent care, he had 'good insurance' and still came out so far in debt their family declared bankruptcy. He's clearly stated that if the cancer comes back, he won't seek treatment, because he'd already be leaving his family with nothing. I just don't see how anyone could want that system over ours.

And like I said, if someone really isn't happy with wait times, you CAN pay for care out of pocket. Imagine if that were your only option! No matter where you are I believe you have to advocate for your own care. There are people everywhere who fall through the cracks, and it is known that Dr.s are human and make poor calls on both sides of the border.

To pose another question.... do you think it would be better (it would send a stronger message) if we were sent receipts that show itemized costs for appointments/testing?
I know it sure made me think twice after seeing that less than 5 minute appointment cost "somebody" $200!!!!

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