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April 6th, 2013, 09:54 PM
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FAS and FA spectrum disorder don't come from one or two episodes of heavy drinking. While there are widely varying opinions on how much alcohol consumption affects a fetus and the outcome, it's generally agreed that FAS requires relatively heavy drinking. "An analysis of seven medical research studies involving over 130,000 pregnancies found that consuming two to 14 drinks per week did not significantly increase the risk of giving birth to a child with either malformations or fetal alcohol syndrome." (Polygenis, D., et al. Moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the incidence of fetal malformations: a meta-analysis. Neurotoxicol Teralol., 1998, 20, 61–67). The odds are heavily in favor of a normal, healthy baby.

Focus on taking pre-natal vitamins (folic acid is REALLY important in the first trimester to avoid neural tube defects), eating healthy, and exercising and things will be fine with the baby.
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