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April 6th, 2013, 09:56 PM
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So today I told my parents and grandparents (on moms side) at once!

So I was supposed to go to my parents today for Les Mis movie night, and I was planning on telling just mom and dad. I went back and forth on how to do it (give my mom the test? Tell her right out?), but I settled on giving some of her clothes back that I had borrowed. Here's how it ended up:

I was on my way out the door to go to their house when my mom called to tell me they were at grandmas house. So I said I would meet them there. As I was driving my heart was pumping in my throat!!! Omg what are they going to say? What am I going to say? So I get there and I walk in and grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad are all sitting in the kitchen having a rousing conversation (I had purposely left my moms clothes in the car so I could assess the mood). I said hi to everyone, but turned around to say I forgot something in my car. I run out, get the clothes, and come back in. Well my dad gets up and askes me if I want something to drink (the drink fridge is in the garage) so I had to stall while I waited for him to get back. Then when he got back I go up to my mom and was like, "yeah sorry I borrowed your clothes so long. But I figured I should give them back anyway cuz they won't fit in a few months."......everyone went suuuuper quiet. My mom just stared at me for the longest minute, then asked, "um what do you mean by that?" And my dad says, " I think you have your answer." Then my mom stands there watching me smile and she has this priceless look of shock on her face, then she gives me a big hug and I start to cry! My dad hugs me then and my grandma stands there and just kept saying, "I don't believe this!" ( it's their first great grand baby and my parents first grand baby). My grandma kept going on about how her other friends have great grand children and she doesn't have any. So she is really excited! My mom kept saying that I was to ALWAYS let her babysit and never my MIL (which was cute in a way! She wants to be the cool grandma) and my dad asked me how I felt. I said I was scared, excited, etc. Grandma kept asking me if I was feeling alright.......OMG it was great!!!! This is the center of attention that I could get used to! I'm not normally; when DH and I got married, I was embarrassed by all the attention. But now......

So my mom wants to go shopping right away, so I said I wouldn't mind a little window shopping just to get some ideas, maybe buy a lil something . Omg my parents and grandparents are the best!!!! I was afraid of getting some sort of lecture or something (as if I did this as a teen), but I keep forgetting I'm pushing 30 in 2.5 years (omg!)

I love you little Newt, and now so many other people love you too. I can't wait to see your little face and hold you in my arms and count your fingers and toes.....Newt I will record a message for you as soon as I get this horrible frog out of my throat (uggg)

Love and kisses to my little Newt

Happy April Fools Day on me!!! @ 17DPO

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