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April 6th, 2013, 10:16 PM
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Hello all!
Except for a few of you on my Facebook, probably no one here even remembers who I am.
Possibly I last posted in July when my babe turned 1?

Just wanted to give a quick update...

-My son, Chauncey(dob: 7/27/11), is a happy and healthy 20 month old. I'm in the very beginning stages of planning a Super Why! 2nd birthday party for him. However just today we went to a children's faire thing where they had a room full of nothing but empty boxes. The kids went nuts! Now I'm thinking of filling the family room with boxes and calling it a birthday party.

-Still breastfeeding, though stupid Aunt Flo returned for good about 5 months ago.

-Gained 24lbs during pregnancy, lost 26 by the time he was 3 months old, gained over half that back a few months later, scale slowly inched up and up, so I finally decided to join Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago. My goal is a pound a week, but am so far down 9!

-About a month ago did "potty training bootcamp", which was a disaster for the first 30 hours. But then he got it! He has an accident only about 5 times a week now(usually on his way to the toilet). Tonight is the first time we're going to try to have him sleep diaper free.

-He got into a Montessori school by our home in January which we are very happy with. His previous daycare was fine, but not something we wanted long term. His new school goes up to 8th grade if we decide to leave him.

-We have zero plans to have another child. Of course life can sometimes throw you a curve ball.

-Still co-sleeping, turned his crib into a toddler bed last summer and now use it to fold laundry.

-My babe's hair is LONG and curly. When he gets it wet it is half way down his back. On rare occasions he lets us put it in a ponytail. If you had asked me what I thought of boys with long hair 5 years ago, I'd have said "yuck!". But we have no intentions of cutting it anytime soon.

Well, it looks like I've got a lot of reading to do...look forward to hearing what all of you and your babes are up to.
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