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April 6th, 2013, 10:39 PM
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There are BBT adjuster calculators on the web BUT I have found that when I adjust my temp for a certain time is it no where near the temp I get. For example: When I first started temping I did it at 5 am every morning. I would take it and then roll back over till like 8-9 am and then get up for the day. I would retemp upon waking up the second time and make note of it. Then I would input my 5 am temp and see what it says my "adjusted" temp would be for 8-9 am.... sometimes it was .3 degrees off

If you find that doing it at one time for the first couple of days of your cycle is not gonna work, you can still change the temp taking time before CD 5-6 Some temp through the whole cycle and I have before but I have found taht starting at like CD5-6 gives just as good results. But to each their own You will find a routine that is best for you and if you happen to chart an hour later, then just leave that temp dot open
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