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April 6th, 2013, 10:41 PM
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I don't believe it's mean but I wonder what sort of message you are sending your son?

Do you want him to lose weight or do you want him to be healthy?
Weight loss and healthy lifestyle are not the same thing.

If you just want him to lose weight then all he needs is to burn all the extra calories he is going to consume.
So a 50 calorie cookie=run up and down the stairs for 10 minutes. This seems like what you are doing, even if you aren't using those exact terms.

But what are you going to do if he wants 3 cookies, ice-cream, a candy bar and chocolate cake? Make him run a marathon?

If you want him to be have a healthy lifestyle, then you should get rid of the junk and teach him that exercise is something you do to get rewards. The rewards of strength, health, energy, intelligence, and longevity.

Hope I don't sound too preachy.
Overall health is something that is very important to me and how I raise my son. My husband is obese and I'm overweight(and recently joined Weight Watchers). I don't want my son to have the same weight and health problems that many of us in our families do. He has never had a piece of candy, cake or chocolate and I'm already worried about the day he discovers what he's been missing!
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