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April 7th, 2013, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by bryan and nina View Post
Yetty, I'm sorry luyando is refusing her bottle! Do you think it may be a growth spurt and that's why she's craving the physical contact of breastfeeding? That's the first thing that popped into my head...
[/QUOTE] Yetty, my oldest refused the bottle at 4.5 months. I ended up having to use either a regular cup or a sippy cup and then purees for the times when I was away. He got by, but it was HARD!!! I hope she starts taking the bottle again for you soon! How many hours at a time are you away for work? Is it a full 8 hour day, or a partial day? [/QUOTE]

Thanks ladies. Yes, I am thinking of trying the sippy cup with breastmilk. I think its a combination of things; growth spurt, physical contact, having someone to pinch, etc. Her love for the breast really started after we ditched our nipple shield when she was 4 month old and it's been growing since then. I will try and let her nurse around 5am until whenever she is done before going to work in the morning and I have switched with dh so that he will now be doing drop offs while I do pick ups (dd1), that way I get home earlier to nurse her. My work is supposed to be 7hrs 15 mins but at times I work more (9 hours) to start banking some time so that when my mom leaves I can have fridays off to be with Luyando. With an hour commute to the city and an hour commute back, I feel like I am gone all day Anyway, she did a bit better yesterday and took 3-5oz here and there she still nursed most times. She is starting 2 meals a day now mainly because of this issue so maybe that will make her thirsty enough to tolerate her bottle; she seems to be fine with her puree.

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