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April 7th, 2013, 10:56 AM
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So I am new to this whole CD thing. I just got mt starter stash. It is only enough for one day, but we want to make sure it is right for us before we sink many hundreds into it. Some of the inserts that I got are microfiber and some are bamboo. I read on another site when researching how to prep them that you can't prep synthetic and natural fibers together bc the oils from the natural fibers will get into the synthetic ones and cause them to be less absorbent. Ok, makes sense for prepping, I suppose. But does this mean that if I am using a combination of the two I will always have to wash them separately, too? I got some of both to see what I like and if I like them both, I will certainly use them both, but having to separate them for washing sounds like a nightmare. Could some of you expert CD mommies help me out here?
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