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April 7th, 2013, 01:51 PM
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Ok so I had a miscarriage on Jan 24 at 9 weeks. My AF returned February 21. It was a normal AF, a bit heavier than usual, but still fairly normal, lasting 7 days. We had unprotected sex on March 7 and 8, due to ovulate then, but did not get pregnant. I started spotting on March 17 and I thought it could be implantation bleeding but I continued to spot brown cm until the 22nd when my actual AF was due, and she showed up right on time. So I got AF on March 22 and it lasted for 7 days. So i decided to use OPKs to see where I am in my cycle, if I am still ovulating as normal. (I am 41 with 4 miscarriages since March of 2012.) Anyway, I bought some opks on Monday, which would have been CD 10 for me. I took one that afternoon at around 1 and it looked positive, but I thought for sure I was wrong and tossed it up to being very close to positive because it was only CD 10. I used another that night and very clearly negative. On a side note, we had sex on Sunday night and Monday night and then again Wednesday. I have tested twice a day since the first one and all but that one were super faint and no where near positive or even could be mistaken as such. So my question is this...could I have really ovulated on CD 9 or CD 10?? My cycles are 29-30 days long and have been consistent even through all the miscarriages. never a day over 30 days. I typically ovulate on CD 15 or so. With my last birth, I used opks and got a positive on CD 10 and got a BFP at 9 dpo. Since I guess the opk from monday afternoon was my positive, can I assume I ovulated that day since the next one I took that evening at about 6 was very negative? UGH SO CONFUSING. If that is the case, then I am 7dpo?? giving me a 19 day luteal phase? man o man you can see my confusion. Any insight would be awesome thanks ladies
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