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April 7th, 2013, 04:28 PM
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Thanks for your response, X. I've had him fully checked out by multiple doctors and there's nothing suggesting there's anything medically wrong with him. He wakes up every 2 hours on the dot at night like clockwork, which doesn't seem like pain/medical (which I would think would be more random). I've tried all sorts of stuff like a humidifier, saline spray in his nose/suctioning, elevating one side of the crib, gripe water, dietary eliminations, different feeding positions, sound machine, cosleeping. Gotta just keep trying, I think. I just don't get how he can take a 3.5 hour daytime nap and yet not go more than 2 hours at night.

My husband does his best to help. We tried having me sleep in another room and having DH give him a bottle at his first wakeup but he wouldn't take it (even though he takes a bottle fine other times). Typically what we do is have him take the baby after he nurses around 5am and then I sleep until 7:30, when he has to leave for work. That helps some. And then sometimes I'll just put my daughter in her room for nap and hope she's well-behaved or falls asleep so I can try to nap in the next room.

I do feel angry and regretful, but I would never take it out on him or anything. I just feel like I screwed up my life and our family.

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