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April 7th, 2013, 05:19 PM
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I just hope I can get the kids to bed soon and get a few hours to myself (which will likely be used for writing). I have drank 4 glasses of water today. If I'm lucky I'll get to 6. A far cry from the 10 I'm supposed to have, and yet way better than usual.

I hate doing housework alone because I get so bored. I got no housework done today because I was alone. When my husband is around and helping, I do a ton. In the time he does the kitchen I can do the whole house lol I LOVE bowling but haven't gone since I've gotten married because my husband isn't interested and I don't have anyone to go with I could go for more walks, too, but that's another thing I like company for (especially around here with all the weirdos).

I like exercise on youtube because it's free lol. you must be excited about your friend moving closer! I wish one of mine would move around here lol and at least she won't be so close to annoy you. I hear you on the arts education, too. It sounds nice in theory, but it's not practical for someone whose concern is making a living right out of college.

I went to school for psychology, too. Great choice. And if you love Art and work with kids with your psychology, you can put the two together. Though you are right, to use it most effectively requires a masters. You'll get back on track with it, though.

And maybe your acquaintance becoming a parent will change your her a bit. It will be nice for your kids to have playmates

Cross your fingers that sometime tomorrow my money clears
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