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April 7th, 2013, 05:43 PM
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Ouch, they hurt! I have one that's over 2 months old. Last week I finally broke down and got a prescription for it - Jack Newman's nipple cream. It's a mixture of 3-4 ingredients that the pharmacist mixes together. In my case, there was only one pharmacy in the area that offered it and I had to wait almost a week for the "compound pharmacist" to come in and mix it (I was surprised it was so difficult to get, I live in a very populated area that is pro-breastfeeding). It goes for $65 without insurance; my insurance covered it and it still cost me $50. So far it does seem to help but I have to be diligent in applying it. The other technique that I've been doing is using a needle to open the edges of the blister and remove the white skin if I'm able. It seems like the milk collects under the flaps and makes it worse. It is *very slowly* getting smaller. But, considering it's been there two months I know I can't expect it to heal overnight. I try not to get upset that my daughter may be ingesting some of the prescription even though they say it's safe that she does - but I have tried every other method: constant nursing on that side, taping a olive oil soaked cotton ball to my nipple, applying calendula oil, no nursing bra, letting it dry out, etc. Oh, I'm now also taking lethecin as a supplement. That's supposed to help the texture of your milk to prevent future milk blisters. I'm sure you've already googled it by now and gotten a bunch of info. If you have any questions feel free to ask away
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