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April 7th, 2013, 06:44 PM
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I'm currently nursing my almost 2 year old but dh and I literally decided to TTC 11-12 days ago. I DTD the take after and ovulated the day of or after that making me about 10/11 DPO. At 3 DPO I was extremely tired...I tired I have never felt before and had diarrhea. It went away so I figured it was a little bug. As of 3 days ago, around 9DPO This fatigue has set in and I cannot function. I am usually a very active Mommy and after my period I get tired but never before, and NEVER like this. I cannot get myself up and going. I sleep, wake up and 3o minutes later I'm extremely exhausted. My body just feels wiped!

I have virtually no CM which is so rare for me.....even after "O" and before AF I always have tons, but nothing. I almost wonder if there is a chance I am preg and nursing is causing me to be dehydrated and not produce cm.

I took a FRER today and it was negative. I'm due for AF on Wed.

I had routine blood work done a week ago which came back perfect; that GOD because with how I'm feeling, I would think for sure there was something majorly wrong.

I know HCG is a totally different hormone and unrelated to nursing but has anyone tested positive later in their cycle than when they weren't BF?

I've had my cycles completely back and normal for over a year and a half. I ovulate regularly...around day 14 and confirmed that this month too. I ovulated no later than day 15 this cycle. I am now on CD 25. My cycles are anywhere from 27-30 days at the very most!

I'm worried. dh is a doctor and he is the one who ran the blood work but not for pregnancy a week ago. He is not worried but this is the strangest tired I have EVER felt.......
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