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April 7th, 2013, 08:45 PM
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*This thread will become a sticky after a few days*

Here is the schedule for the "Picture Girl" game. To be fair, I assigned each girl a week based on the order in which members signed up. If there is a conflict with the week you are scheduled, please PM a host and we'll do our best to re-schedule. Also, if you would like to participate in "Picture Girl" but did not sign up yet, you can sign up here to be added to the list. {Look at this list so far, we'll hopefully still be having fun with the in AUGUST!}

How Picture Girl works: Each week, a thread will be started for the new "Picture Girl". Board members can make requests for her to show us pictures of whatever they want. Have fun with it!

If you prefer, you may post your pictures in the Private sub-forum.

April 8- April 14: MammaWannaBe

April 15-April 21: swaddlestar

April 22-April 28 kbpeanut

April 29-May 5: nursingmama

May 6- May 12: mal91011

May13- May 19: KerryJo

May 20- May 27: joellejello

May 28- June 2: A.Sue8

June 3- June 9: Lil_Mama2B

June 10- June 16: LadieBug

June 17- June 23: Hoping4bby

June 24- June 30: LilHerndon

July 1- July 7: Jules_loves_beaches

July 8- July 14: PickyNicki

July 15- July 21: mamaginger

July 22- July 28: SaraSmiles

July 29- August 4: Xtapolapocet

August 5- August 11: RobynL

August 12- August 18: Briar08

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