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April 7th, 2013, 08:51 PM
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After feeling so crappy I came across this:

"My SIL was still breastfeeding her then 16 month old when she was starting to TTC and her OB told her that HCG might not show up on a home pregnancy test in early days because of the breastfeeding. I *think* this same doctor told her to try breast milk on the test instead but she may have just said to come in for a blood test. I do know for sure the doc told her that breastfeeding could lead to inaccurate negatives on an HPT"

However, I've gotten mixed reviews on whether or not breast milk can be used. I know there is a greater chance for an inaccurate result but I have also seen some cases where breast milk has picked up a positive before using urine. Some say that HCG is sometimes dumped into the breast milk and does not get concentrated in the urine and therefore can cause a pregnancy test to not read positive for longer.

What do you think?
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