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April 8th, 2013, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by #5in2005 View Post
I'm in the process of getting them for 4 of my kids (my oldest already has one). I just discovered that they need proof of parentage, so I just sent away for 4 new birth certificates that show that (I only have the credit card sized ones), spent $185. Apparently I didn't fill in my middle name on my youngest girls' birth certificate so they have to amend it (another $20) and it could take however long. After I get that done, I'll be able to go and apply for their passports. It's definetly not cheap this way, and I'll have to see if they're all done before the middle of July.

Wish I'd known about the birth certificates, I would have done that ages ago.
I am in the same boat. Had long form birth cents for two of my kids already so was able to get theirs right away. The other two, I only had short forms so I have to get them long forms and because they are over 8 I have to get a signing authority or whatever to apply.
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