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April 8th, 2013, 07:54 AM
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(only cuz meredith isn't here to do it this week, i'm not hijacking )

anything interesting? oldies but goodies??

i cooked almost all slow cooker stuff out of the new book last week and i gotta say, the books look pretty boring for 4/5 things i prepared were pretty decent. the pasta with beans and herbs meant well but i think flavor was lacking. i would revisit, but with my own seasonings. the other recipes were actually seasoned well.

last night we made home made corn tortillas (a la rick bayless) and i made a mango and lime and cilantro dressing to dress some raw kale with. we did black beans and "chick'n" tacos. it was really tasty.
no clue about the rest of the week since i didn't meal plan and my mom and niece will be in town.

on a separate issue, my niece tried to go vegetarian twice and she's 11. her family isn't supportive and she didn't like any of the vegetarian food my sis in law made for her, but it may have been the execution. i like to think one day she'll get it right and go meatless..but i cant say for sure if she's cut out for it. she's a super non picky eater as far meat dishes because of how her family eats, but i dont know if she's been exposed to enough variety of non meat items to make the change to actually enjoying the food.

ok i know when it gets too long you stop reading, so i'll end it here
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