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April 8th, 2013, 08:22 AM
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Well lets get this started. I met Dh when we were 18, he moved into the area as a farm hand. My father liked him and thought he had nice eye lashes So my father was trying to set us up(I say I was part of an arranged marriage). At the age of 20 we bought the farm together, the next year we got engaged and married the following year at the age if 22. We had a very small wedding on a Wednesday night just a random day we picked.

At the age of 24 we started having children but lost the 1st baby( that was 1year of TTC) so we did not think this would haven fast for us. With in months I was pregnant again with our 1st daughter. We were planning for the girls to be 2 years apart but problems conceiving became a problem again. We gave up and got a dog I then became pregnant with my 2nd daughter. There is 3 1/2 years between the girls. Our family was complete and we were done having children, sold the baby stuff and on with life.......Dh wanted to try for a boy, so we went with the thought if it happens it happens and I became pregnant with my 1st son. There is 3 years between him and the girls. Then out of the blue I became pregnant with my 2nd son ( I was on birth control) and then our family is complete....but we have said that before

We own and operate a cattle feedlot, we have only a handful of breeding cattle. This has been a operation we have been growing every year. We are now feeding over 2000. We have horses, donkeys, rabbits, cats, a couple dogs and a new pet skunk that has made home in our barn not a welcomed guest. I love gardening and plan a large garden ( we just ran out of our garden potatoes just last week)

This is the 1st year I have been a full time SAHM helping on the farm. In the past I managed my families grain elevator. This year we also started homeschooling and have loved every minute !!

That's all I can think of to tell ya

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