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April 8th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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I had bleeding a couple of weeks ago (on Tuesday, March 26th). My midwives got me in immediately for an ultrasound that day. We found out we're having a boy, and all looked great with the baby. My placenta was at the top of my uterus and my cervix looked good from an abdominal ultrasound. My DH wasn't happy with the bleeding being unexplained, so he pushed for me to ask to be seen by an OB just in case.

So I got an appointment for the next morning with an OB. He did an internal exam and saw a red spot on my cervix, which he said must be where the bleeding was coming from. He did a pap smear, and then called a few days later saying the results came back normal and that he wished me a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Then last Monday (April 1st), I had more bleeding. Both this time and the time before happened when I'd also had a BM. I have at least one BM every day, and am not constipated, but one thought is that the pushing from the BM could be irritating my cervix. But that's just a guess. Again I called the midwives and they spoke to a specialist. The specialist recommended doing monthly ultrasounds to check baby's growth, but that was pretty much it. I was also told to keep updating them if the bleeding continued.

This past Saturday evening I had bleeding again, and this time it wasn't associated with a BM. However, this time the blood when I first wiped was brown and not red like it was the first two times. I took that as a good sign, and thought that maybe it was from the BM earlier in the day and didn't say anything to my DH about it. But then an hour later when I wiped, the blood was more pink and not brown at all. I still had some slight pink discoloration in each wipe after that up until the next morning.

When I called the midwife again on Saturday, she didn't seem too concerned about it and suggested again that it could be a polyp that couldn't be seen during the OB's exam. At first this made sense, but the more I thought about it, I realized it was unlikely since the OB had actually seen a red spot and not a polyp.

My DH was again not happy with the bleeding being unexplained, so he asked me to call the OB back again this morning. I did, but since I'm not technically under the care of the OB it's not like he's my doctor. His nurse urged me to talk more in depth with the midwives and consider switching to the OB's care, but that would mean I'd be seen by a high risk doctor and I would have to give up my birth center birth.

Having a healthy pregnancy is the most important thing to me, but I can't help but wonder if this is being blown out of proportion. Every time I've had the bleeding, it's only been a few wipes of bright red (and the last time it was never "red" at all) and the remaining wipes turned pink and then brown very quickly. I'm not having any painful cramping and the baby is moving around a lot.

If you were me, would you ask to see the OB again or would you remain in the care of the midwives and just do the monthly ultrasounds? I know bleeding three times in less than two weeks is not normal, but what if it really is just me pushing too hard when I'm having a BM?

Plus, my thought is that if I do end up switching to an OB, I'd rather just switch to an office closer to where I live. The high risk OB I saw and my midwives are both about 50 minutes to an hour away, and I only go that far now because I love the birth center, and there isn't another one closer to me. If I had to be under the care of an OB, I'd rather not drive that far.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you think you'd do. Thanks!

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