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April 8th, 2013, 10:20 AM
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First, apt went great - baby looks good and still measuring a week ahead (16w6d vs 15w6d) but they're leaving due date as is for now. Even better, SCH looks to be resolved (hooray!!!) & and as I hoped Dr is recommending against amnio based on my Harmony results unless I really want to do one (I don't).

My next apt with this Dr will be in 6 weeks for a more in depth anatomy scan (although they went through some crazy detail in this one showing us different parts of baby's brain, kidneys, heart, etc) and - this is new for me - they also want to do a vaginal u/s to check on my cervix. I don't know if that's because of my age, because of all the bleeding (just to make sure) or if they saw something on this scan (they took images of the cervix, but didn't say anything looked off). Hopefully it's just another precaution b/c I've had so many issues.

So now the fun part, baby was being a total stinker - AGAIN, you may recall they had horrible time getting shots at the NT scan too - so when the u/s tech did it she wasn't completely sure...but when the Dr did it, he was...and we're definitely having............ANOTHER GIRL!!!

We weren't hoping for boy or girl (although Savannah is LOL) but it's a lovely surprise that Savannah will have a little sister.

Here's a couple of pics - none of them are good, baby was curled up entire time with chin tucked down & legs all the way up by face (this is really obvious in 2nd pic)


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