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April 8th, 2013, 10:31 AM
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hey Lucy, i'm so sorry your sister's going through this....this is pretty much what happened to me. While they brought me in & monitored me every time bleeding increased (I had a couple significant bleeds, probably similar to your sisters) it is pretty much treated as a waiting game - and for about the first month they told me at every check that it was 50-50% whether the SCH would cause m/c of the baby.

If the bleeds get significant enough, her doctor may put her on bedrest (mine did from 11-14wks due to severity of the last bleed). Some doctors will treat with a blood thinner - I was already on one, so I don't know if mine would have chosen to do so - but thinking is mixed on this as blood thinners can sometimes make the bleed worse.

Basically she'll either reabsorb the blood from the SCH, or she'll continue to bleed it out. She should be on pelvic rest (no sex, no exercise, no lifting) and even if they haven't formally put her on bedrest, getting off her feet & laying down as much as possible can't hurt either. I'm sorry she's going through this - if it helps, my SCH now appears to be resolved - but it took several months of bleeding. I hope she has a similar result & can start to enjoy her pregnancy soon (((HUGS)))

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